Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer to any of your questions, please email us at info@passthebigabaexam.com!


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How long does shipping take?

After processing your order, we ship using USPS Priority MailThis typically takes 2-3 business days (within the United States) but delivery can be delayed due to weather, holidays or your local Postal Office.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. PASStheBIGABAEXAM has students all over the world!

How long does international shipping take?

After processing your order, we ship using USPSThis typically takes 10-15 business days but delivery can be delayed due to weather, holidays, customs or your local Postal Office.

Can I expedite my shipping?

No. At this time PTB is not offering expedited shipping. We ship using USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes between 2-3 business days within the United States.

Is there a Go Green version of the Study Manual?

No. Our Study Manual is a physical book and not available in any other format.

What is the difference between the Standard Workshop and the Go Green version?

The GoGreen Version will not have shipped Workshop Materials!

Is there a Go Green version of the Study Manual?

We do not have a paperless version of the Study Manual!




When will my registration be processed?

Orders are processed in order of receipt, during regular business hours. (9 to 5 Monday – Friday) This typically takes around 24 hours.

What is the PTB return policy?

Returns are available for unopened and unused products within 14 days of purchase. Return requests must be submitted in writing to info@passthebigabaexam.com within 14 days of purchase. Returns and refunds on opened products or products with online access are subject to approval.

Do I have the most updated version of the Study Manual?

PASStheBIGABAEXAM is currently on the 8th Edition of our Study Manual. This manual is based on the Fourth Edition Task List.

Do I need an Internet Connection or Data Access to join my Workshop?

Yes. Our Workshops are held in an online classroom, so you will need to be connected to the Internet or using your device’s data in order to join.

Is the Study Manual Required for the Exam Prep Workshop? 

Yes. Our Workshop requires a current PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual.

Does the Exam Prep Workshop include the Study Manual? 

No. Our Study Manual is required for the Workshop but is not included. However, the Study Manual is discounted when purchased with our Exam Prep Workshop.

How long is the Exam Prep Workshop?

Classes are held weekly, over 5 or 6 Weeks.

Are the Workshops recorded? 

No. Our classes are not recorded and are just like a regular class. You can even interact and ask questions with you instructor!

Do I need a camera or microphone? 

No. You will need to have working speakers in order to hear the instructor; however, you do not need to have a camera or microphone. Your instructors love to interact with the students they’re teaching, so we encourage keeping your camera on!

When does access to the Exam Prep Workshop login information begin for each cohort?

Access to the Exam Prep Workshop login information will start going out 2 months prior to each corresponding Test Administration Month.

When will I receive my login information?

An informational email filled with everything you’ll need to know for class will be sent after your registration is processed, after the start of your cohort.

What is sent when I order the Exam Prep Workshop?

After your order is processed, we mail out your Workshop Materials via USPS. The Workshop Materials are needed for your weekly class.

Do I Need an Internet Connection or Data Access to Watch/Listen to the Videos?
Yes.  Since the videos are being streamed, you will need to be connected to the Internet or using data. If you have a fast Internet connection, the Video versions will stream much easier. If you don’t have faster internet the audio versions should be easier to

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to stream the Video/Audio Lecture Series?

No. You may use an Internet connection or your device’s data. If you plan on streaming by using your data plan and you do not have an unlimited data plan, we recommend increasing your data plan during the time of your studies, or keep track of how much data you have used.

Can I Download the Videos to my Device?
No. This Video/Audio Lecture Series is for streaming only.  Any attempt to illegally record, reproduce or copy these videos for individual use or educational use is punishable by law. Each video sale is intended for individual use only.© 2015 by PASStheBIGABAEXAM. All rights reserved. No part of this video lecture series may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of PASStheBIGABAEXAM.

Can I Watch/Listen to the Videos multiple times during my purchase window?
Yes. You can watch the videos any time, as many times as you want, during the time frame you have purchased!

Does The Video Access Expire?

Yes. Your Video Lecture Series is only accessible during the time frame you purchase them for.


We sampled 500 Random PASStheBIGABAEXAM students who participated in our 5-Week Workshop in 2016. (4 total cohorts)

Using a random number generator (random.org) we were able to generate a random sample of 500 students from the total number of people who participated in a PASStheBIGABAEXAM 5-Week Workshop in 2016.

For each of the Random 500 students we searched for their passing status using the Certificant Registry on the BACB® website.

Students not found on the Certificant Registry as passing were sent survey emails via Survey Monkey to ascertain pass/fail status and first-time test taker or re-taker status. This helped us account for name changes or name misspellings.

Of those students that responded to our Survey Monkey email, we added their data into our pass rate calculation.  For any non-responses we counted the student as not passing.

Additionally, for the 500-person sample, we analyzed which cohort month a student tested, based on when they took our workshop as well as if they were a first time tester or a re-tester.


Of the randomly selected 500 students, 83% (414) passed the exam after taking the PTB 5-Week Workshop. 254 of these students were first time exam takers. Of those 254 students, 89% (226) passed. 246 of the randomly selected students were exam re-takers. Of those 246, 76% (188) passed.


First time Exam Takers:


Exam Re-takers:



PTB will conduct a similar random sample annually. These results will be summarized and published after the completion of a calendar year and the completed collection of the results.