Mock Exam à la Carte + Video Lecture Series


This bundle includes the PASStheBIGABAEXAM Mock Exam à la Carte* and one month access to our Video Lecture Series. Access begins at time of purchase and can not be extended.


This is great for those who want to take the PTB Mock Exam but aren’t able to fit the Mock Exam Workshop in to their schedule!

With 30 days of unlimited access to our Video/Audio Lecture Series, you can prepare for the Mock BCBA® Exam with our Videos, take our Mock Exam, then study until you know you’re ready to sit for the BCBA® Exam!

Practice applying your knowledge of ABA by taking a 150 BACB®-like multiple-choice exam which can be taken twice! Access begins at time of purchase and expires after 30 days.

Receive an automatic score report that analyzes your Mock Exam results in a manner comparable to the BCBA® Exam, with specific percentages attributed to each section of the 4th Edition Task List. The analysis guides students to examine their weak areas for continued review prior to their exam day.

*This bundle does not include a login to attend our Mock Exam Workshop class or Mock Exam Answer Key