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PASStheBIGABAEXAM’s offers one Study Manual! This is reduced in price as a bundle package deal with our Exam Prep Workshop.


**Only students of our Exam Prep Workshop are eligible for this discounted Study Manual. If you purchase this without an Exam Prep Workshop, we will need to collect the remaining amount**

If you would like to purchase a Study Manual without an Exam Prep Workshop, please purchase our non-discounted PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual.

Currently in it’s eighth edition, the PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual is one of the most utilized BCBA®/BCaBA® Exam preparation tools available. This highly revered Study Manual is currently in use all over the world! The 340-page manual is comprehensive and easy-to-read. PTB updates our study manual regularly to reflect any and all updates from the BACB®.

The PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual Includes:

  • Detailed explanations and definitions.
  • Clinical and relatable examples of ABA concepts.
  • Memorization tools: Fun mnemonic devices such as acronyms and colorful visuals.
  • AKAs/Synonyms for ABA Terms that sound different but mean the same thing. 
  • All the formulas you’ll need to know, with detailed-examples.
  • Study Tips: How to organize your time, strategic studying, building fluency.
  • Exam Tips: Exam Information, using your white board, timing yourself, test center experience, breaking down and analyzing types of exam questions.
  • Ethical Considerations: Detailed review of all things Ethics subsumed within each section of the Manual.
  • 186 Review Questions.

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