For more than a decade, Pass the Big ABA Exam (PTB) has been a leading study partner for thousands of candidates preparing for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) exam. As a pioneer in interactive exam prep, PTB’s multi-modal and academically rigorous framework of strategies and tools are designed using ABA principles, produced for a variety of learning styles and optimized for accountability. Its revered ABA Study Manual has become the industry standard for students, and a beloved reference tool for existing BCBAs.

With more than 25 years of combined clinical experience, PTB was founded by certified behavior analysts Dana Meller (MA, BCBA) and Priya Runyon (MA, BCBA, LMFT, retired) to help students bridge the gap between the ABA coursework and what is practically needed to Pass the Big ABA Exam. Students are at the center of every facet of PTB. Knowing all too well the struggle to balance personal, professional and academic commitments, Dana and Priya were inspired to ensure those who are doing great clinical work can secure their professional identities and alleviate the struggle to pass the exam.

PTB’s Commitment:

  1. Provide students with a comprehensive, deeply researched, highly academic and science-led ABA education and BCBA exam prep.
  2. Ensure that PTB’s signature strategies and tools are accessible to all types of learners, knowledge levels and backgrounds.
  3. Infuse fun, joy and the love of ABA into every aspect of the PTB learning experience.

Thank you for trusting PTB on your journey to certification.

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