Explore a collection of free resources developed and curated by PTB to help candidates prep to Pass the Big ABA Exam.

BxLog is PTB’s exam prep blog, edited and curated by veteran ABA professionals with a mission to provide candidates helpful tools and guidance along their BCBA® exam prep journey. Explore short videos and articles containing valuable information including explanations of Task List concepts and ABA terminology, study tips, mock exam questions with answer breakdowns, and lifestyle advice to maintain a healthy exam prep regimen. EXPLORE NOW
Search from 349 essential ABA terms, organized by Task List section. An ideal resource if you are creating your own flashcards or simply looking for a predetermined list of key terms you need to know as you prep for the exam. SEARCH ABA TERMS NOW
Manage your test-taking behavior with the PTB Self Monitor form. A tool to gather evidence-based data to determine if your mistakes are knowledge or behavior based. Use it with the PTB Big Mock Exam to analyze your behavior, or any other practice exams during the prep journey.
Dispelling myths and offering sage advice for breaking down exam questions, watch-outs and more, PTB’s Study Tips highlight the do’s and don’ts of exam prep cultivated from years of experience supporting candidates on their journey to certification. EXPLORE STUDY TIPS
Reduce anxiety and increase retention with the PTB IOA Mini Manual, featuring 30 practice questions that cover the 9 IOA formulas you need to know to prep for the exam.
Explore a selection of texts that PTB co-founders consider essential reading, and a valuable resource for exam prep. BROWSE NOW
Navigate the transition between editions with the PTB Crosswalk. Check back soon for the launch of the 6th Edition Test Content Outline (TCO) PTB Crosswalk.
Alongside coursework and essential texts, PTB has compiled several articles that are helpful explainers for various concepts and Task List sections. READ NOW

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