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PTB Streaming Lecture Series


The PTB Streaming Lecture Series is a collection of 9 on-demand audio and video lectures covering each section of the BACB® Task List. Developed using PTB’s signature study strategy that incorporates multiple modalities to achieve fluency, PTB co-founder Dana Meller delivers over 15 hours of organized content. Each lecture includes thorough explanations, comprehensive examples, salient visuals, test-taking strategies, along with clever and creative mnemonic devices that promote the higher-level generalization and understanding needed to Pass the Big ABA Exam. Available to stream anytime, anywhere, either by Section for 24-hours, or the complete Task List for 7 or 30-days.



  • 9 lectures covering each of the 9 Task List Sections.
  • 15+ hours of audio or video content, on demand.
  • Content breakdowns, relatable explanations and examples, definitions, comparisons, mnemonic devices, visual illustrations.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the Task List.
  • University-quality instruction combined with humor and accessibility. 
  • Available to stream by Task List Section for 24-hours, or the complete Task List for 7-days or 30-days.


Key Benefits:

  • Flexible learning for busy lifestyles. Control your study schedule and stream the audio or video lectures anytime or anywhere, either by Task List Section for 24 hours, or opt for the complete Task List package with access for 7 or 30 days.
  • Thorough coverage of the Task List. Bridge the knowledge gap between the ABA coursework and the practical exam requirements with over 15 hours of comprehensive Task List coverage. 
  • Learn valuable skills to self-manage your study and test-taking behaviors, enhance memorization, and increase fluency to boost your confidence on the big day.
  • Repeatability for reinforcement. Enjoy the flexibility of repeated access to reinforce your understanding and ensure lasting retention of critical concepts.
  • University-quality presentation. Get accustomed to the clinical and scientific language on the actual exam. Each lecture includes detailed clinical definitions with relatable explanations and examples to help build knowledge, fluency, and application skills.
Select Access

Complete Task List (30-Day Access), Complete Task List (7-Day Access), Section A: Philosophical Underpinnings (24-Hour Access), Section B: Concepts and Principles (24-Hour Access), Section C: Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation (24-Hour Access), Section D: Experimental Design (24-Hour Access), Section E: Ethics (24-Hour Access), Section F: Behavior Assessment (24-Hour Access), Section G: Behavior-Change Procedures (24-Hour Access), Section H: Selecting and Implementing Interventions (24-Hour Access), Section I: Personnel Supervision Management (24-Hour Access)

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