Study Manual

The #1 study companion for the BCBA® exam! Our indispensable Study Manual covers 5th Edition Task List concepts with examples, visuals and mnemonics designed to promote comprehension and retention.


The Big Exam Prep Workshop is a 6-week instructor-led online course with a comprehensive system of study materials, including our complete Lecture Series and six practice tests. The PTB MiniBig enables BCBA candidates to tailor their study needs by popping in on individual sessions of the Big Exam Prep Workshop without committing to the full workshop.

Mock Exams

PTB Mock Exams offer flexibility including a full-scale simulation of the exam (PTB Big Mock Exam) or a live interactive option focused on specific Task List Sections (PTB MiniBig). Each is constructed with clinical and scientific language consistent with the actual exam.

Lecture Series

In our Lecture Series, Dana Meller provides over 15 hours of fun and thorough instruction on the sections of the 5th Edition Task List. Video and audio versions of the lectures are both included.

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