Study Manual

Universally recognized as the other “White Book”, the PTB ABA Exam Study Manual organizes and breaks down the Task List, distilling the Cooper text (Applied Behavior Analysis by John Cooper, Timothy Heron and William Heward) into a visual and comprehensive format, to include all critical exam concepts. 


The Big Exam Prep Workshop is a live, interactive 6-week intensive (with up to 14 weeks of access to online materials, subject to registration). Integrating behavior analytic strategies, the hands-on masterclass breaks down the BACB® 5th Edition Task List, harnessing PTB’s signature formula for organizing and structuring BCBA® exam prep.

Mock Exams

PTB Mock Exams offer flexibility including a full-scale simulation of the exam (PTB Big Mock Exam), a live interactive option focused on specific Task List Sections (PTB MiniBig), or Section-by-Section Mini Mocks for more targeted prep. Each is constructed with clinical and scientific language consistent with the actual exam.

Lecture Series

The PTB Streaming Lecture Series is a collection of 9 on-demand audio or video lectures covering each of the Task List Sections. PTB co-founder Dana Meller delivers 15 hours of organized content including thorough explanations, comprehensive examples, salient visuals, test-taking strategies and more. Available to stream by Task List Section for 24-hours, or the complete series for 7-days or 30-days.

Study Aids

Supplement your prep with PTB study aids, including Big Stack Flashcards for active learning, Small Stack SAFMEDS for those who prefer rote memorization, or flex between both with the PTB FlashMEDS. Each include more than 500 essential ABA terms that cover the complete Task List.

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