Self-Monitor Test-Taking Form


Fine-tune your testing strategy and techniques, and make data-informed decisions before exam day.

Use a behavior analytic approach to analyze your test-taking performance with the PTB Self-Monitoring Test-Taking Form. Determine if your mistakes on mock exams are knowledge or behavior-based, then operationalize the problem to inform your next course of action. Use this form with the PTB Big Mock Exam or any practice test you take as part of your prep. The more mocks you analyze, the more reliable evidence to help identify specific behavioral patterns.


  1. Complete a mock exam.
  2. Score your results and identify the mistakes.
  3. Label each mistake according to the legend on the form.
  4. Generate percentage data for knowledge vs. behavior-based mistakes.
  5. Analyze the results:
    • Knowledge-based mistakes may reflect a fluency deficit. Consider spending more time on specific content areas.
    • Behavior-based mistakes suggest test-taking patterns that inhibit correct responses despite fluency (e.g., reading too fast, second-guessing your answer choices, changing your initial answer choices, etc.)


Key Benefits:

  • Evaluate your performance before exam day. The assessment form allows you to operationalize problem areas.
  • Make data-informed decisions. Shift studying and test-taking strategies based on your self-monitoring data.
  • Use with any mock exam (up to 175 questions). The more data you collect, the more reliable your results.

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