BIG Exam Prep Workshop


Winter Cohort will prepare for the February Exam!

Access to your online Workshop Materials will be available through your Student Dashboard on December 1st and Workshop Materials for the Winter Cohort will be mailed out starting November 1st.

The PASStheBIGABAEXAM Exam Prep Workshop is our most popular program! This Workshop is an intensive review of all things ABA! Students experience an organized and guided study protocol that reduces anxieties about the overwhelming amount of material on the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List!

PLEASE READ: A current PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual is REQUIRED for this Workshop but is not included.

In Our Exam Prep Workshop You Will:

  • Refresh your existing knowledge base.
  • Focus your studies on the current BACB® requirements and most updated Exam material.
  • Gain helpful information regarding the BCBA®/BCaBA® Exam process and the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List.
  • Learn to apply your knowledge of ABA to over 350 BACB®-like multiple-choice questions, which are reviewed and analyzed with detailed explanations and rationals.
  • Receive specific test-taking strategies and tips that you can apply to your BCBA®/BCaBA® exam.
  • Learn Self-Management Study Protocols.
  • Receive unlimited access to our Video/Audio Lecture Series
  • Participate in a weekly question-answer session in a supportive learning environment with a knowledgeable BCBA® instructor.
  • Be able to email Exam-related questions to your BCBA® instructor anytime prior to your BIG Exam day.
  • Gain access to our private Facebook group, where you can connect with other PTB students.


How Classes Work:

Our Workshop meets once a week in a private online classroom that can be easily joined by computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet. Workshops are held weekly, in real time, with a live BCBA® instructor and are not recorded. Workshop Materials are mailed by default unless the GoGreen version is specified.

Our online classes are interactive and students are able to ask questions and participate just like in a regular classroom! During each week of the Workshop, students are assigned “homework” and a Mock Exam based specific sections of the Task List. In each class we will review and analyze the weekly Mock Exam, teaching students how to break down each test question!

A strong and secure Internet connection is recommended for this online Workshop.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: ALL of our Workshop Dates/Times are listed and held in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. Please be sure to adjust to your local time zone accordingly!


Workshop Materials:

We ship internationally! For more information on international orders, please visit our FAQs Page.

A Materials Packet, containing all Workshop Materials, is mailed to students prior to the first class as a default. If you would like participate in the paperless version of the Workshop, please use the code GoGreen at checkout! Materials will ship out after processing, access to Online Study Materials will begin December first!

– Video/Audio Lecture Series Access

The PASStheBIGABAEXAM Video Lecture Series is over 30 hours of content, covering all the Sections of the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List. The Lectures contain: detailed explanations, comprehensive examples, test-taking strategies and fun and creative mnemonic devices! Workshop students have exclusive UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Video/Audio Lecture series until the end of the cohort’s Test Administration month. Students have the option to watch the Video Lecture Series or listen to the audio versions.

– The Computer-Based PASStheBIGABAEXAM Pretest

This computer based PTB Pretest consists of 75 exam-like multiple-choice questions that have all been intermixed and are comparable and proportional to the BCBA® exam. This pretest serves as a baseline and allows us to create an Individualized Pretest Analysis that will gives students a detailed overview and is used to measure student progress over the course of the Workshop. Students are asked to complete the Pretest as a closed book (no notes) Exam, prior to their first class.

– Weekly Mock Exams

There are 4 PTB Mock Exams, consisting of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions each as well as 25 questions that target fluency of key concepts. Before class each week, students are asked to independently complete their weekly Mock Exam based on the material assigned, prior to their scheduled workshop class. Both Standard and GoGreen students will receive access to computer based versions of the weekly Mock Exams.

– Flashcards

As a new Workshop student, you will receive 404 oversized Flashcards! These Flashcards cover the most important terms and concepts on the 4th Edition Task List. They have a term on one side and are blank on the other.

Please note: Returning students and GoGreen students will not receive a new set of Flashcards, but will have access to an updated Flashcard List.

The 8th Edition PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual, Based on the 4th Edition Task List
Required but not included with Workshop purchase

Our PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual is required for this Workshop. If you have a current PASStheBIGABAEXAM Study Manual you will not be required to purchase new one, however, we may need to verify you have the correct edition.

Please select a Workshop Group and add the discounted manual to your order if you do not already have one!

BIG Exam Prep Workshop Dates:

All Workshops are listed and held in Pacific Standard Time (the local time for Los Angeles). Remember to adjust to your current time zone!

Group 1: SAT
10am – 1:30pm PST
Week 1: Dec 28th
Week 2: Jan 4th
Week 3: Jan 11th
Week 4: Jan 18th
Week 5: Jan 25th
Week 6: Feb 1st


Group 2: SUN AM
10am – 1:30pm PST
Week 1: Dec 29th
Week 2: Jan 5th
Week 3: Jan 12th
Week 4: Jan 19th
Week 5: Jan 26th
Week 6: Feb 2nd


Group 3: SUN PM
3pm – 6:30pm PST
Week 1: Dec 29th
Week 2: Jan 5th
Week 3: Jan 12th
Week 4: Jan 19th
Week 5: Jan 26th
Week 6: Feb 2nd


Group 4: MON
6pm – 9:30pm PST
Week 1: Dec 30th
Week 2: Jan 6th
Week 3: Jan 13th
Week 4: Jan 20th
Week 5: Jan 27th
Week 6: Feb 3rd


Group 5: TUES
3pm – 6:30pm PST
Week 1: FRI Jan 3rd**
Week 2: Jan 7th
Week 3: Jan 14th
Week 4: Jan 21st
Week 5: Jan 28th
Week 6: Feb 4th


Group 6: THURS
6pm – 9:30pm PST
Week 1: Jan 2nd
Week 2: Jan 9th
Week 3: Jan 16th
Week 4: Jan 23rd
Week 5: Jan 30th
Week 6: Feb 6th


** Due to the holidays, Group 5’s Week 1 will be held on FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, from 3pm to 6:30pm PST. The following classes will all be held on TUESDAY as scheduled.