Mock Marathon


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Our **fully digital** Mock Marathon goes over Mock Exam 1, a 150 multiple-choice question exam.

During the class students participate in a structured and detailed analysis of Mock Exam 1. We don’t just share the correct answers; we detail what makes an answer correct versus incorrect, using clinical and everyday explanations and examples!

Students will also be given invaluable study and test-taking tips, as well as mnemonic devices to help them memorize and learn key task list concepts.

In Our Mock Marathon you will:

  • Learn to apply your knowledge of ABA by taking our 150 BACB®-like multiple-choice questions.
  • Gain helpful information regarding the BCBA®/BCaBA® Exam process and the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List.
  • Refresh your existing knowledge base.
  • Learn Self-Management Study Protocols.
  • Receive specific test-taking strategies and tips that you can apply to your BCBA®/BCaBA® exam.
  • Participate in a question-answer session in a supportive learning environment with a knowledgeable BCBA® instructor.
  • Self-score your Mock Exam with a specialized form that scores and analyzes your Mock Exam results in a manner comparable to the BCBA® Exam.

How Class Works

Our Mock Marathon meets in a private online classroom via Class is held in real time with a live BCBA® instructor and is not recorded. In class we will review and analyze the PASStheBIGABAEXAM Mock Exam #1, teaching students how to break down each test question!

After registering for our Mock Marathon, students are e-mailed their receipt with a link to their Student Dashboard, where they will be able to access all Study Materials, including Zoom login information!

A strong and secure Internet connection is recommended for this online class. 

Upcoming Mock Marathon

Sunday, May 17

10am-6pm PST



Access to online materials begins May 1st and expires on May 31st.


Future Mock Marathon Dates:

Saturday, June 20

Sunday, July 12

Sunday, Aug 30

Sunday, Oct 25

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