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The original Big Mock Exam has been upgraded with video segments to offer a highly individualized, in-depth review, while simulating an authentic test experience. Designed with a commitment to academic quality, the mock exam integrates clinical and scientific language, and reflects the format and distribution of questions on the actual BCBA® exam. The score report now features 175 video reviews that correspond to each test question, providing comprehensive explanations, detailed breakdowns, visuals and rationales allowing students to shape the content to their particular needs.

Access begins immediately and expires 6 months from the time of purchase. To avoid a false sense of improvement, PTB has limited the exam two attempts within 6 months.



  •  175 Multiple choice, computer-based test (CBT).
  • Question distribution and percentage of Task List sections is proportional to the actual BCBA® exam. 
  • Detailed score report linking 175 video reviews that correspond directly to each individual test question.
  • Each video review connects to a specific Task List item, breaking down the exam question and answer options with comprehensive explanations, rationales, and a mix of relatable and clinical examples.
  • The itemized score report also includes the original question with your answer selection, alongside time spent per question. 
  • Two attempts within 6 months from the time of purchase.

Key Benefits:

  • Practice to accurately discriminate concepts and apply knowledge. Questions intentionally designed using clinical language to acclimate test takers with the actual exam experience.
  • Individualized review ensures focused study and prep. Stand alone video explanations and breakdowns directly linked in the score report, corresponding to each question, provides a more personalized review.
  • Accessible and relatable learning. PTB’s trademark engaging and entertaining delivery of explanations and rationales includes everyday examples to ease the acquisition of complex concepts and fluency.
  • Improve time management on the exam. The detailed score report provides a question-by-question distribution of time spent, empowering test takers to adapt time allocation more efficiently.  
  • Avoid false sense of improvement. Deliberately restricted to two attempts to discourage answer memorization that creates the illusion of improvement. 

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