Designed to increase generalization, PTB FlashMEDS blend the rote memorization aspect of SAFMEDS with the active learning process of flashcards. Totalling 500 essential ABA terms and concepts personally curated by PTB co-founder Dana Meller (MA, BCBA), each card contains a term on one side and definition written by Meller and peer reviewed by Tyra Sellers, J.D., Ph.D., BCBA-D, on the reverse, leaving ample space for creative embellishments and study hints to enhance salience. The accompanying nine interlocking rings allow for custom collating to support multiple organization strategies.

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  • 500 essential ABA terms curated from the complete Task List.
  • Printed terms on one side, rote SAFEMEDS-size definition on the reverse.
  • Ample space to add personalization elements to create stimulus salience.
  • Divided by Task List section for easy navigation.
  • Precise Task List Section printed on each FlashMEDS card for quick and easy reference.
  • Concept lists to organize related terms.
  • Detailed instructions with two distinct paths to use FlashMEDS, based on individual learning preferences.
  • Nine 6″ stainless steel interlocking wire rings (3 purple, 3 blue, 3 green) for dynamic organization.
  • Portable, 4” x 6” cards printed on durable 80lb card stock.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible modality for all types of learners:
    Whether you lean towards rote memorization or thrive with more active learning, FlashMEDS provide a versatile solution that encompasses both approaches in a unified tool. This includes comprehensive instructions to guide you through your preferred learning path.
  • Strategically selected terms:
    Personally curated, with definitions written by PTB co-founder/co-author of the PTB ABA Exam Study Manual, the selection of terms and concepts represents complete coverage of the Task List.
  • Personalization canvas:
    Each card is printed with a SAFEMEDS-size rote definition, intentionally leaving ample space to allow students to incorporate personal embellishments such as study notes, visuals, key words, descriptors, etc., to increase salience.
  • Dynamic organization:
    Nine durable stainless steel interlocking rings in PTB colors allow for custom collating to support multiple organization strategies such as the nine Task List Sections, randomization, progress (mastered, need to review, etc.)
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