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Tailor your prep with the PTB Mini Mocks—a collection of nine focused mock exams, individually aligned with the nine Sections of the Task List. Each mini mock contains 30 new, peer-reviewed questions covering every Task List item within the designated Section, providing increased practice opportunities to enhance your application skills on the content most relevant to you. The complete series totals 270 clinically-phrased questions, sourced from current literature and academic references.


  • 9 PTB Mini Mocks in the series, each corresponding to one of 9 Task List Sections.
  • 30 unique questions per PTB Mini Mock focused on every item within one Task List Section.
  • 270 total new questions, drawn from current literature and academic sources, exclusive to the PTB Mini Mocks series (95 more questions than required for the exam).
  • Peer-reviewed, integrating expertise and insights from veteran BCBAs Celia Heyman, MA, BCBA and Courtney E. Bloom, MA, BCBA.
  • Difficulty level is designed to be consistent with the actual BCBA® exam, intended to challenge and test clinical fluency and application skills.
  • Restricted to 2 attempts over a 6-month period to mitigate a false sense of improvement from recent exposure to test questions and answers.
  • Detailed score report includes the question, your answer choice and the correct response.

Key Benefits:

  • Isolate specific Task List Sections, focusing on the content areas that need the most attention.
  • More practice opportunities per item, per Task List Section, enables you to better generalize your knowledge to application skills.
  • Pay for the Task List Section(s) that you need, providing a cost-effective and tailored approach to your exam prep.
  • Use to establish a baseline or assess exam readiness, helping you gauge your progress as you prep.
  • Receive targeted feedback on your performance, so you can focus on specific topics and build confidence in your overall prep.

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