PTB MiniBig: Fast, Flexible, and Focused Exam Prep

The PTB MiniBig enables BCBA® exam prep candidates to tailor their study needs by popping in on single sessions of the intensive PTB Big Exam Prep Workshop. Each 3.5-hour session, focused on specific sections of the Task List, includes a mock exam followed by real-time, live, interactive feedback and access to live session replays, without committing to the full workshop.


  • Each session is hosted online with live instruction, and interactive.
  • Take mock exams followed by a live review with complete with breakdowns, explanations and rationales:
    • MiniBig A & B (Task List Sections A & B)
    • MiniBig C, D, F (Task List Sections C, D & F)
    • MiniBig G & H (Task List Sections G & H)
    • MiniBig E & I (Task List Sections E & I)
    • MiniBig Complete Task List (proportional to actual exam)
  • Live lecture on key Task List items associated with the content covered in the mock exam.
  • Self-management to help improve test-taking behavior.
  • Protocol for effective studying and test taking.
  • Access to stream live session replays for up to 6 weeks.
  • Access to 2 test attempts.
  • Access to live interactive instruction and office hours with instructor.

Key Benefits

  • Pay as you go, based on your needs with no commitment to a full workshop necessary.
  • Enjoy savings of $5 per session when you purchase 5 or more sessions.
  • Refine your knowledge with a focus on specific/targeted task list sections.
  • Learn strategies and application skills to generalize and/or connect knowledge to the exam and effectively break down test questions.
  • Learn techniques to successfully manage test-taking behavior.
  • Experience engaging and relatable, yet clinical and academic instruction.
  • Review on your own schedule for up to 6 weeks with access to stream the live session replays.
  • Avoid a false sense of improvement. Deliberately restricted to two attempts to discourage answer memorization that creates the illusion of improvement.

MiniBig A & B – Sun January 14, 2024, MiniBig C, D & F – Sun January 21, 2024, MiniBig G & H – Sun January 28, 2024, MiniBig E & I – Sun February 4, 2024, MiniBig Complete Task List – Sun February 11, 2024, MiniBig A & B – Tue January 30, 2024, MiniBig C, D & F – Tue February 6, 2024, MiniBig G & H – Tue February 13, 2024, MiniBig E & I – Tue February 20, 2024, MiniBig Complete Task List – Tue February 27, 2024, MiniBig A & B – Sun February 25, 2024, MiniBig C, D & F – Sun March 3, 2024, MiniBig G & H – Sun March 10, 2024, MiniBig E & I – Sun March 17, 2024, MiniBig Complete Task List – Sun March 24, 2024

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