IOA Mini Manual


Math can be daunting, but practice can help.

In response to growing calls for more IOA practice opportunities, download the free PTB Interobserver Agreement Mini Manual. Designed to promote retention and reduce anxiety, the PTB IOA Mini Manual features 30 practice questions that cover the 9 IOA formulas you need to know to prep for the exam.

Includes practice questions for the 9 Interobserver Agreement formulas and answer key (therapist data collection):

  • Total Count IOA
  • Mean Count-per-Interval IOA
  • Exact Count-per-Interval IOA
  • Trial-by-Trial IOA
  • Total Duration IOA
  • Mean Duration-per-Occurrence IOA
  • Interval-by-Interval IOA
  • Scored Interval IOA
  • Unscored Interval IOA

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