Small Stack SAFMEDS


Designed to build fluency and enhance generalization, the PTB Small Stack SAFMEDS contain 500 essential ABA terms and peer-reviewed definitions, representing full coverage of the Task List. Meticulously curated, written by co-founder Dana Meller (MA, BCBA) and peer-reviewed, each card features definitions that integrate relatable and clinical language to enhance rote memorization, alongside precise section numbers for easy navigation. Lightweight and portable, the custom box allows for easy transport, creating more opportunities to study anytime, anywhere.

An ideal supplement to the PTB ABA Exam Study Manual, in its 11th year of printing.

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  • 500 essential ABA terms, curated from the complete Task List
  • Peer-reviewed definitions including the BACB® ethics code for behavior analysts
  • Designed as “fill in the blank”, applying modified SAFMEDS procedure to optimize for ABA terms
  • Divided by Task List section for easy navigation
  • Precise Task List section printed on each SAFMEDS card for quick and easy reference
  • Detailed instructions and PTB best practice strategies to optimize memorization and retention
  • Custom branded box for easy transport
  • Portable and lightweight, 3.5” x 2” business card size, printed on durable 80 lbs card stock

Key Benefits:

  • Methodically curated terms and definitions:
    Personally curated by PTB co-founders, the cards represent complete coverage of the Task List, ensuring a solid foundation of essential ABA terms.
  • Expert-written definitions:
    Written by PTB co-founders and peer-reviewed, the definitions Integrate relatable and clinical language for valid, accurate, and reliable definitions that enhances rote memorization.
  • Time-saving:
    Strategically preselected terms save valuable study time, eliminating the work of independently identifying terms, writing definitions and creating physical printed cards.
  • Fill in the blank format:
    This modified SAFMEDS procedure builds fluency and increases further generalization.
  • Empirically validated instructions:
    Written by PTB co-founder Dana Meller (MA, BCBA), using empirical evidence to ensure optimal memorization.
  • Ideal Study Companion:
    PTB Short Stack SAFMEDS serve as a supplement to the PTB ABA Study Manual, providing an additional study modality.
  • Portable and convenient:
    Self contained, custom box allows for easy and lightweight transport, creating opportunities for more frequent and smaller study occasions.
Weight 2.0 lbs

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