PTB ABA Exam Study Manual (Current Version 2.2)

Universally recognized as the “other white book”, the comprehensive PTB ABA Exam Study Manual organizes and breaks down the complete 5th Edition Task List, distilling the Cooper text (Applied Behavior Analysis by John Cooper, Timothy Heron and William Heward) to include all critical exam concepts. The Manual is structured for quick navigation, contextualized with situational and relatable examples, salient visuals, and detailed explanations. In its 11th year of publication, the Manual is widely regarded as an ideal study companion and ABA bible, proving valuable as a quick reference tool beyond the exam.

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Manual Corrections (5th Edition Task List)

Manual Updates (Version 1)

The first update to the PTB ABA Exam Study Manual, based on the 5th Edition Task List, includes minor edits and a complete revision of Section E. In Dec. 2020, the BACB® announced that the new Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts will replace the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts as of January 2022. If you have Version 1 of the PTB ABA Exam Study Manual (5th Edition Task List), this downloadable supplement will provide you with the materials necessary to be current with this Code update.

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